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When it comes to car locks, you need a specialist to take care of their problems. Getting in touch with an expert car locksmith was a tough problem for our owners in the region before Locksmith Unit was established.

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When locked out on the road, they would call a car locksmith service only to receive service with delay and oftentimes unprofessional “locksmiths” would leave ugly marks on their doors from not performing the job correctly. Call us now for a truly reliable and professional Locksmith in your area.

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Calling a Specialized Car Locksmith

With Locksmith Unit, you get the promise of a fast responding locksmith for your locked keys in the car. Working with us, you get the service of a specialized car locksmith who will take care of your delicate car locks without a problem. Our services are swift and optimized, which allows us to provide our customers with quality and speed every step of the way:
1. We have an expert quick-quote system for which we charge nothing. If you are thinking about hiring a car locksmith in Florida, you can call us any time of the day and we will give you an accurate quote for the job. This means you will not have to pay any more than you are told the job may cost.
2. Our roadside car lockout services are unbeatable in terms of turnaround times and quality of the job. With our strategically located team of car locksmiths in Orlando, we can rush to your assistance in any part of this area within minutes.
3. We only keep expert and certified car lock technicians in our team. Any member of Locksmith Unit who arrives after your call will have the right tools, the right manners, and the right experience to take care of the job without a problem.
4. Since car lockouts can happen any time, we provide 24-hour car locksmith services for any car driver in the Orlando area.

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Car Key Replacement & Copy

We provide highly affordable, as well as reliable, car keys replacement services to our customers throughout Orlando, FL. While the remote car key systems and push-start keys have evolved over the decades, car key specialists with experience bring the right tools and provide owners with affordable solutions in the form of a duplicate key. If you call most of the other car locksmith services working in the Orlando area, they will tow your car away to their workshop before working on getting your locked in keys out or making you a new key. With our expert car locksmiths in Florida, you can save all of the trouble and expenses of getting your car towed. Our specialist technician will bring the tools to wherever you are stranded and locked out of the car to make you a duplicate key with our car key replacement service. We will execute whatever specialized programming is required for the new key then and there as well.


Expert Technician For Transponders

With the evolution of car locking systems, came the age of transponder keys also referred to as chip keys. These car keys are now common among manufacturers and cars of various price categories. When you slide in your key in, the system sends a code to the ignition, which activates the engine. Working with Locksmith Unit, you will never have to worry about your transponder signals and keys again. We can produce spare transponder keys for you, replace lost ones with a new copy, and even rekey the system codes with our high-tech devices and qualified technicians.
If you need reliable car locksmith services for a car lockout, duplicate key, or transponders, we are here to help.

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