Residential Locksmith Services 

Finding a reliable residential locksmith in Florida has never been so convenient. Since we have brought Locksmith Unit up to its feet, this problem is solved for homeowners in Central Florida.

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Customers call us to pop a lock, rekey locks, or replace doorknobs near Orlando whenever they get into an unfortunate situation involving their locks. We have specialized assistance available for anyone in these crucial situations.

House Lockout | Residential 

Somebody always forgets to take the keys when rushing out of the house, and when they return, they have to make the phone call. Home lockouts are a common problem and our residential locksmiths are trained to help homeowners and residents of Central Florida with speed and saving costs. A lot of so-called locksmiths in Florida have unethical practices and they go for changing a lock every time a locked out resident makes the mistake of calling them over. Beware of such locksmiths. They will cost you a lot of money by not bothering to find a simpler solution than changing your locks. Although, when the right time comes to change your locks, Locksmith Unit offers a wide variety of residential locks, keys, and other security-related services.

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Lock Repair, Rekey 

Home is a symbol of security and if you think you are not safe in your home, there is little comfort for you in there. You can ensure such a situation never arises by calling a local locksmith in Florida and having your locks and doorknobs thoroughly checked if you suspect something is wrong. One of our residential locksmiths will show up to your doorstep and take care of the problem in a professional manner. Whether you need a rekey solution for your old locks, want our locksmith to fix your locks, or need a new set altogether, you can count on us to provide your affordable, quick and professional residential locksmith services.

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Key Replacement and Lock Changes 

There are many reasons to have your locks changed. It may be that you’ve had a break-in, an unwanted person holds a copy of your key, you’ve lost your key, or your locks may be too old or rusted to function properly. Regardless of the reason you know you can always count on Locksmith Unit because we have the best products ready to be installed for you. Our experts are quite knowledgeable and experienced. Once they understand the root of the issue, they can easily provide the solution, whether you have to replace the key or have to change the lock. We do lock changes in commercial or residential properties. We do also advise our customers that when changing a lock, to get all locks on property changed with our best products.

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