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Keeping the workplace safe with a modern locking system is a great idea, but unfortunately, break-ins are often reported when the wrong lock type is used.

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You need commercial locksmiths who understand your commercial lock best. One that can provide expert locksmith services and a top quality lock or keypad at any time of the day. You need Locksmith Unit, your Orlando locksmith services.

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Locksmith Unit is a growing team of truly professional commercial locksmiths. Our services are currently limited to Central Florida and we are helping businesses of all sizes, maturity, and industry with round-the-clock locksmith services. We offer many services and have technicians specialized to do so. We provide installation of locks after a break-in or a malfunction, with the option to upgrade your locks for optimal office security. Some of those upgrades include high-tech security commercial locks, commercial keypads, commercial levers, pushbars and more.

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Call our commercial locksmith services in Orlando today and you will see that we have got the professionalism to deal with any type of commercial lock. We also have the best products on the market when it comes down to new keypads, commercial levers, locks, and much more. We know your business is important to you. That is why Locksmith Unit doesn’t like to compromise on quality because we want you to have a long-term solution. We offer free quotes to get started and then the best solution to help you save money. Whether your business is located in the heart of Orlando, or it’s surrounding areas, one of our locksmiths will come to your location to assist you. We have trained and certified technicians all over Central Florida.

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Professional Local Locksmith 

Working with Locksmith Unit, you get to work with locals of the community. Settled in Florida, our team has a special love for the state and its residents. While the location of a client’s offices does not affect the quality of our services, customers in Florida always feel better knowing they have called in a local locksmith when one of our certified locksmiths show up at their doorstep. With our commercial locksmith services at your disposal, you will be getting professional, speedy assistance with the added value of working with a local service provider. We have several benefits, for example, fast response time, lower service fees, and only caring professionals.

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