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Keeping your home safe

Lock Safety The safety of your home is not just about a sturdy roof and functioning fire alarms. Although they are important, one big factor worth checking up on is the security of your locks. Are your doorknobs turning properly, does the key go into the lock’s keyhole with ease, how long have your locks…
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So why Locksmith Unit?

Why you should always call us for a service There are a variety of companies to chose from when searching for a locksmith in Orlando and finding the best one can be tricky. This is why we take pride in our company… Our technicians are all certified locksmiths with the expertise to get the job…
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Should you switch to high-security locks?

What high-security locks can do for you High-security locks and why you may need them. High-security locks have many features that will change the game for your home or business. These locks have a more complex pin system, making it harder to pick. Some locks come with rods within the cylinder which make it very…
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Losing a car key

What happens when you lose a car key Losing a key to your vehicle is frustrating. Especially because this is an unexpected situation you’ve got to deal with now. Our cars are important. They get us from place to place. The first step is not to panic and have a clear mind so you can…
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