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Keeping your home safe

Keeping your home safe

Lock Safety

The safety of your home is not just about a sturdy roof and functioning fire alarms. Although they are important, one big factor worth checking up on is the security of your locks. Are your doorknobs turning properly, does the key go into the lock’s keyhole with ease, how long have your locks been there, are these the same locks that the previous owner of your home had? If you are facing any issues with your lock, it’s always safer to call a locksmith and have a professional provide you with the best solution. There are many reasons why people would want to change their locks. But when is it time to have them changed or rekeyed? We always recommend changing your locks when..
-You have recently experienced a break-in
-You’ve lost a key (even if it’s the spare)
-Locks and knobs aren’t working properly
-Locks are rusting
-The locks have been there for a long time and you’re unsure of who else may have a key to the door

These are a few reasons why we recommend changing your locks. But you may also decide on changing them for your own comfort. Our company specializes in high-security locks and keypads for comfortable access and high-quality security. Give us a call if you are debating on changing your locks and we will connect you directly to a certified locksmith with all the answers to your questions.

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