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Losing a car key

Losing a car key

What happens when you lose a car key

Losing a key to your vehicle is frustrating. Especially because this is an unexpected situation you’ve got to deal with now. Our cars are important. They get us from place to place. The first step is not to panic and have a clear mind so you can retrace your steps, look through your bag, and ask around. If all this has failed, calling a locksmith immediately would be your next step. (Don’t start panicking yet either, Locksmith Unit doesn’t need appointments to get you a new car key same day). Prices should be typically quoted over the phone. Depending on what type of key your vehicle has prices will vary, but always ask for an estimate. A locksmith will have a new code for your new car key and then be able to cut you out a new key. Afterward, your key will be programmed to your vehicle so it can start. And you will be driving your car in no time. With the right locksmith, this process can be a lot faster and efficient than towing your car to a dealership and paying for a new pricey key.

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